Annual Meeting Minutes for Small Companies

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How It Works

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Step 1 - Company Information

Enter the basic information for your company

Step 2 - Company Information

Fill in the blanks or check the appropriate boxes as to the events for the fiscal year

Step 3 - View Work In Real Time

Watch your document get formed as you fill in the appropriate information

Step 4 - Email and Print

Once complete, you can email the company minutes document to yourself for printing

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You have a Small Business

You formed a Corporation or Limited Liability Company

Isn't it time to operate as one?

Do My Minutes was created to help small companies (10 people or less) keep their Company Record Book up to date by assembling minutes of annual meetings of stakeholders and the governing management authority of corporations and LLCs. 

Do My Minutes help small companies comply with the formalities of operating the business as a corporation or LLC by providing a written record of the actions, approvals, and authorizations enacted by the Corporation's Directors and Shareholders or the LLC's Managers and Members. 

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